POV 1: A Case for the Artist’s Resale Right in Nigeria

The first edition of ‘Point of View’ titled ‘A Case for the Artist’s Resale Right in Nigeria’ advocated for visuals artists benefitting from secondary and downstream sales of their works, much like novelists and musicians. Indeed, their income pales in comparison to those other creatives, mainly because they do not earn significantly from the reproduction and communications rights provided to other creators under copyright law.
The artist’s resale right seeks to correct this anomaly by ensuring artists receive a small percentage of the re-sale price of a work. Although this right is recognised in the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (Article 14ter), which sets minimum international copyright standards, it is optional, with only about 80 countries in adherence.

Presentation Topics

  • The Significance of Resale Rights for Nigerian Artists by Oliver Enwonwu
  • The Global Market for Nigerian Art by Neil Coventry


Panel Theme

  • Legislation and Implementing Artist’s Resale Right in Nigeria