POV 2: Raising Capital Against High Value Works of Art

The second edition of ‘Point of View’ titled ‘Raising Capital Against High Value Works of Art’ was informed by mounting global interest in art from the continent and a steady growth of the collectors’ base within Africa and especially in Nigeria. It sought to encourage the growing recognition of Nigerian art as a new alternative asset class while providing a deeper understanding of the appraising of art holdings for liquidation, and of using art as collateral for lending transactions such as financing business expansions and investments or high-end purchases. It also aimed to support the development of art investment products, as well as the diversification of investment portfolios with the integration of art.

Presentation Topics

  • The Nigerian Art Market in Transformation: New Directions in Lending, Investment and Wealth Management by Bola Asiru
  • Data Driven Valuation: Improving Analysis, Financial Decisions & Investment Opportunities in the Nigerian Art Market by Tayo Fagbule


Panel Theme

  • Challenges, Risks and Regulatory Frameworks