POV 6: New Digital Pathways: Technology, Creating and Marketing Art

Themed ‘New Digital Pathways: Technology, Creating and Marketing Art’, the 6th edition of Point of View provided a deeper understanding of how technological advancements like the Internet, social media, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have not only given rise to new forms of art including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) but have also disrupted the global art market.

In charting sustainable growth and predicting the future of the sector in Africa, the talks explored how institutions, art professionals and investors alike can embrace these new developments while exploring the legal implications of collecting.  

This event was supported by the Society of Nigerian Artists, Alliance Française Lagos, Centre for Contemporary Art Lagos, Toff Resources Nigeria Ltd, CIL Acquico Ltd, Five Cowries Art Education, Jackson, Etti & Edu, Vanguard, Ventures Platform, BusinessDay, Connect Nigeria, TSA Contemporary Art Magazine, EKO Trends, Environews Nigeria, The Lagos Weekender, The Sole Adventurer, WildflowerPR and Omenka.

*All COVID-19 Protocols were observed

Presentation Topics

  • Advancements in Financial Technology: Tokenisation and Fractional Ownership of Art  by Nsikak John, Head, Enterprise Innovation Hub, The Nigerian Stock Exchange
  • Analytics, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency: Predictions for the Art Market by Seun Alli, Founder/ Director, June Creative Art Advisory


Panel Theme

  • Collecting Art in the Digital Age: Creating, Marketing and Legal Implications