POV 8: Preserving Artists Legacies, Foundations, Archives and Generational Art Patronage

Themed ‘Preserving Artists Legacies: Foundations, Archives and Generational Art Patronage’, this edition  highlighted the importance of preserving artists’ estates; including cultural influence and contribution to knowledge.

As custodians of culture, artists portray the times while influencing culture and socio-cultural evolution. The edition sought to educate Nigerian and African artists on tools including wills and estate plans, to manage, chronicle and preserve their estates to ensure a continuing influence on their art on culture and the society through enlightenment, maintaining authenticity of their work and mission and the development of the visual arts long after their retirement. In addition, art collectors gained information on the usefulness of foundations and archives in preserving the integrity of their collections and the dissemination of knowledge.

This event was supported by the Society of Nigerian Artists, Alliance Française Lagos, Centre for Contemporary Art Lagos, Toff Resources Nigeria Ltd, CIL Acquico Ltd, Jelili Atiku Foundation, Five Cowries Art Education, Jackson, Etti & Edu, Vanguard, Ventures Platform, BusinessDay, Connect Nigeria, TSA Contemporary Art Magazine, EKO Trends, Environews Nigeria, The Lagos Weekender, The Sole Adventurer, WildflowerPR and Omenka.

*All COVID-19 Protocols were observed

Presentation Topics

  • Authenticating Art Collections Through Artists’ Estates by Hannah O’Leary- Director, Head of Modern and Contemporary African Art, Sotheby’s, London
  • Preserving and History: Legacy Planning and Archiving for Artists by Bimpe Nkontchou – Managing Principal, W8 Advisory LLP


Panel Theme

  • Developing Artists’ Estates and Archives: Strategies, Structures and Challenges